Managed Cybersecurity

Let WGTech manage your cybersecurity system

WGTECH helps you protect your critical and confidential business information from malicious or accidental intrusions, viruses, and hackers. 

Rely on our team to help you eliminate financial loss due to network outages, and to help you create enforceable corporate-wide security policies. Improve your productivity by eliminating disruptions caused by malware and phishing. Deploy technology to control end-user’s desktops and laptops and enable secure networks for remote users. 

Rely on WGTech to help protect your company with:

  • Secure Remote Access: VPN (IPSEC and SSL), token-based strong authentication, secure Citrix
  • Firewalls: Server, appliance, and router based; high availability (active/active, active/standby); intrusion detection and prevention; network-based IDS/IPS; host-based IPS
  • Content Security: Web content filtering, email attachment filtering, email sensitive content filtering
  • End-Point Security: Enterprise anti-virus solutions, syware/adware/malware solutions, patch management, configuration management, application management, desktop firewalls, host-based IPS, “Day Zero” threat mitigation/prevention
  • Identity Management: AAA (TACACS+, RADIUS, NT Domain/AD, LDAP), strong authentication (CHAP)
  • Network Security: Security assessments, penetration testing, policy creation, enterprise anti-virus solutions, network admission control (NAC), centralized management
  • Regulatory Compliance: Security event logging, compliance reporting, real-time event analysis and correlation, data transfer encryption
  • Wireless Security: Security assessments; secure connectivity / encryption; AAA (RADIUS) LEAP, PEAP, EAP-FAST, WPA, WPA2; 802.1x; rogue AP detection/centralized management

Protect your valuable data and digital assets with our robust cybersecurity solutions, guarding against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Secure Remote Access VPN (IPSEC and SSL) and token-based strong authentication

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) EDR offers a proactive solution that can identify malicious behavior on the network.

The creation and enforcement of security and access policies for endpoint devices that are connected to an organization’s network. Proper planning can simplify the management of diverse devices and applications.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) MDR is a service solution. WGTech has partnered with Arctic Wolf® to deliver a robust security platform helping organizations more effectively respond to alerts resulting in a faster response. Detection and response capabilities are tailored to your specific needs. In coordination with Arctic Wolf and WGTech’s support services, we will quickly detect, respond, and recover from incidents 24×7.

Our solutions help you meet industry regulations and data protection standards, ensuring your business stays compliant.

Our advanced endpoint security solutions constantly monitor your devices, detecting and neutralizing threats in real-time to ensure your business stays protected.

WGTech’s proactive testing services simulates real-world cyberattacks and identifies vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Penetration Testing will confirm systems are robust and identify any weaknesses. Quarterly testing is important because cyberthreats are more sophisticated and constantly changing.

Provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current environment. Included in this evaluation is a gap analysis and recommendations for remediation.

Fractional CISO provides a cost-effective solution for organizations that need access to security leadership without the expense of a full-time resource. CISO will provide guidance, proactive risk-management and Executive leadership that is often missing from an organization.

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