Data Management

Manage & Protect Your Data Assets

Businesses continually create data in varied forms – WGTech helps you develop appropriate policies for storage, sharing, protection, and retention along with the right infrastructure to support this vital asset. Our data management solutions help you maximize your storage investment, gain flexibility in provisioning and replication, monitor your assets, achieve non-disruptive growth, and count on reliable backups and archives.

Our Data Management Solutions

Storage Infrastructure

We offer solutions for Storage Infrastructure or (SAN, NAS, iSCSI): Fibre channel for high-end applications, IP-based for file sharing and print environments, iCSI – IP SAN for the benefits of fibre over Ethernet, a unified offering to maximize investment.

Storage Virtualization

 Heterogeneous, multivendor integration to simplify storage management, leverage existing infrastructure, and improve utilization and data mobility.

Database & Middleware

Expertise with best of breed platforms (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL) and cloning to shorten development cycles, replicas for referential integrity checks, and design recommendations (by protocol).


Snapshot and cloning technologies for development, test, and training; site-to-site mirroring; heterogeneous and vendor-neutral options with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and ease of recovery.

Information Lifecycle Mgmt

Intelligent data resource provisioning, storage tier options, policy-based management/movement, regulatory compliance solutions, maximize storage investments.


Solutions for more than just for the financial industry; information security; data retention policies; alignment with SOX, SEC, DOD, & HIPAA.


Data encryption and authentication, protect data in-flight and at rest, encrypted backups, key management, PCI compliance.

Backup, Recovery & Archiving

Traditional tape-based offerings, virtual tape (disk-based), best practices (Core & Edge), tier by data type – economy of scale, policy-based movement, Single Instance Store (SIS), infrastructure assessments, site and bandwidth planning, best practices for implementation.

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