Cyber Threat Solutions

Organizations struggle to detect and respond to modern cyber threats efficiently due to lack of 24/7 coverage, expertise, and staffing. Let WGTech and Arctic Wolf customize a solution for you.

Managed Risk Solution

Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk enables you to define and contextualize your attack surface coverage across your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, providing the risk priorities in your environments.

IR JumpStart Retainer

When crisis strikes, the last thing you want is hesitation or uncertainty when asked, “What do we do now?” IR JumpStart serves as your answer and action plan.

Managed Detection and Response

Arctic Wolf®  Managed Detection and Response solution eliminates alert fatigue and false positives to promote a faster response with detection and response capabilities.

Arctic Wolf MDR provides:

  • Concierge Security Team (CST): 24/7 monitoring, threat hunting, incident response, and guidance.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Machine learning and experts identify advanced threats.
  • Leverages Existing Infrastructure: Works with your existing security tools to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Managed Containment: Quickly stop threats from spreading.
  • IR JumpStart Retainer: Proactive incident response planning with rapid response.


  • Reduced Alert Fatigue: Fewer false positives and faster response.
  • Improved Security Posture: Identify and address lingering threats.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need for additional security staff.
  • Compliance Support: Helps meet reporting and compliance needs.

Key Features:

  • Broad Visibility: Monitors networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.
  • Arctic Wolf Customer Portal: Provides visibility into security posture and interactions with CST.
  • Endpoint Threat Detection and Response: Provides deep insights into endpoint security.
  • Unlimited Log Retention and Search: Allows for easy access to historical data for reporting and compliance.

Overall, Arctic Wolf MDR offers a comprehensive solution for organizations to improve their cybersecurity posture and respond effectively to threats.

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Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk Solution

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Arctic Wolf® IR JumpStart Retainer

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Arctic Wolf® Wolf Managed Detection and Response

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