AWS & Cloud compute/Storage

We Are Maine's Leading AWS Authority

AWS is recognized as the leader in cloud technologies with more experience than the other major cloud providers. With “eleven 9’s” of durability (99.999999999%), more companies trust Amazon AWS for cloud computing and storage than any other. 

 As an Amazon Certified Partner, WGTECH will expertly help your company navigate the move into the cloud. WGTECH can manage IT cloud infrastructure for you, or help your IT department become more efficient and cost-effective with the AWS model of only paying for what you actually use.

Explore The Possibilities

Extend your on-premise active directory into the cloud to provide redundancy, create an external point of federation for business partners, facilitate a hybrid cloud architecture or simply begin preparing for a cloud migration.

AWS Cloud

WGTech can help you migrate your data center networks and systems into the cloud with minimal disruption to your users.

Cloud Migration
A Realistic Timeline

Can’t move all your on-prem resources overnight? We can move services at a rate that works with your time line. As the move transitions, users won’t notice that they are accessing some services in the cloud, and some local.

Cloud Architects

We have experienced Cloud Architects and Engineers designing and building solutions for all kinds of New England businesses…and these technical resources are LOCAL! Ask how we can help today.

Microsoft Windows,

WGTech can support your servers in the cloud, building out networks and designs to your company’s specific needs. Need more CPU or RAM? No problem, and no up-front cost!

Aurora, Redshift, Oracle & More

With AWS Cloud, you can have clustered databases that are easily patched and upgraded. Let WGTech take the frustration out of write-nodes, read-nodes, DB backups, and high-availability.

Active Directory
In The Cloud

Many IT professionals simply want their AD available offsite AND online. WGTech makes your on-prem AD stretch into the cloud, providing active-active instances of your AD and DNS services. Want to put it all in the cloud and get rid of on-prem??? Use AWS DaaS and say “Good Bye” to patching and managing your AD/DNS boxes!

Simplify Your
Backup Solution

We see many clients abandoning their local backup solutions and using the tiered storage services available in the cloud. Tired of handling tapes, paying for backup solutions, and managing storage for backups? Let us help transition your backups to the cloud, saving you money, time, and resources.

An RPO & RTO Your Mgmt Team Will Love

WGTech’s Cloud Architects deliver solutions that guarantee a quick response in case of disaster. Even if your IT resources are not fully in AWS, you can leverage the cloud to supplement your DR plan.

Redundancy, Load Balancers, & Failover

WGTech’s Cloud Architects design highly available solutions with full redundancy and automatic failover. Once your implementation is complete, you will be able to tell your customers you are in two data centers that not only serve as backups to each other, but also distribute the traffic to handle more user activity.

& HiTrust

WGTech builds 3-tier (Web, App, Database) infrastructure that is hardened and secure, providing peace-of-mind quality to your security team.

Physical Locations

Would a firewall cluster, located in separate data centers, that automatically modifies down-steam default routes in case of failover, interest you? We’ve built it in the cloud! We can deliver it in the cloud! Users won’t miss a beat with WGTech’s designs. Be confident when you tell your management team that you have “redundant” firewalls.

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