How much do managed IT services cost?

One of the common questions we hear from IT buyers is: How much do Managed IT Services cost, and what factors affect the pricing?

While we would typically talk about our specific pricing model, it’s interesting just how different the pricing models can be between different MSPs. Even with something as simple as helpdesk, there can be huge differences.

For example, some MSPs may charge as little as $25 per ticket, while others could charge $200 per user/month with discounts based upon volume, making it very difficult for the customer to quickly choose the most cost-effective solution.

Let’s be honest.

Is price really the driving factor when choosing the company who is going to manage your most strategic competitive asset, IT, and who is going to keep you safe from hackers, ransomware, etc. for the next several years?

Sadly, for some the answer is undoubtedly yes, if the MSPs being compared are both reputable, healthy businesses with glowing references.

Here’s a basic breakdown of how we approach managed services pricing:

Our pricing model uses a per-unit basis. That means that we charge a base fee for each device under our care. Desktops are one price, servers another price, firewalls another, etc. Once we have the count of each device type, we then look at the service level required. This is very simple. Do you want 8×5 management and response or do you need 7×24? Our pricing model covers onsite response for emergencies, so no additional costs there.

We have a few other options that can be included with the managed services plan that aren’t tied directly to the assets, like virtual IT Manager and virtual CIO services, security program management, retainers for un-covered assets, etc., but we keep things as simple and streamlined as possible. In addition, we have our full set of professional services that can be customized to meet virtually any need, and we automatically discount those for any customer who has a managed services agreement in place.

Simplicity and flexibility are the keys to a successful relationship between yourself and your MSP.

You also need to watch out for the fine print. Make sure you understand the details of what is and is not covered under each service. That’s the only way to know if you’re comparing apples to apples or apples to rutabagas.

Are you buying a Tesla or a tricked-out Chevy pickup?

The price could be the same, but the 0-60 performance and the towing capacity are both quite different. Which do you need?

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