Align Your Technology With Your Business

Today’s businesses rely upon technology more than ever – yet constant change, rapid growth, and other business disruptors make it difficult to keep pace. Technology leaders are overwhelmed managing day-to-day operations, and struggle to find time for strategic planning and technology reviews that can have a real and positive impact. Rely on WGTECH for help – we offer an IT Consulting service that helps you align your technology infrastructure, operations, expenses, and vision with your business needs. We help you build efficiency and competence with technology.

Does your business environment have the right staff, infrastructure, and service providers in place? We can help you identify areas where you are on target, and where you need a change. Take our IT Self Assessment survey, and we’ll provide feedback on your environment.Learn More
Increase the reliability and effectiveness of your network infrastructure while aligning it with business goals and objectives. WGTECH’s Network Consulting service analyzes your LAN/WAN and Internet architectures.Learn More
Demystify the Telecom world and find the right services and partner for your business. Let our consulting team work with you to navigate the spectrum of service provider offerings, select the right mix of services for your business, and ensure you are getting the value you deserve for the money you pay.Learn More
Determine when it is the right time to take the cloud seriously, and develop a virtualization strategy that works for your business. Evaluate the existing computing model of your IT Infrastructure, and assess your organization’s readiness to move toward virtualization and/or cloud computing.Learn More
Design, implement, test and validate your Service Provider infrastructures. Our team works to augment your staff in complex areas of the operation such as core and access design, IP and MPLS network design, and implementation and Ethernet testing.Learn More
Shape and define the strategic vision for technology within your organization. Our consulting team works with you to provide IT leadership and ongoing management support. We can provide temporary or ongoing IT Management functions, and help drive operational excellence by establishing and enforcing IT Policy & Procedure and industry best practices.Learn More
Discover opportunities to streamline server/storage workloads, increase reliability, and improve end-user satisfaction. Increase your IT Department’s effectiveness through operational planning, review of current processes, and knowledge transfer. Learn More
Design, develop, and test the BC and DR plans that ensure your business can continue to function after a disaster strikes. WGTECH’s consultants work with you to develop new or evaluate existing BC/DR plans to ensure that these plans will support the business processes necessary to keep your business running.Learn More