WGTECH is a Maine Hire-A-Vet Employer

WGTECH is one of the more than 100 Maine employers that joined the Maine CareerCenter’s Hire-a-Vet Campaign. In the 2015 campaign, 135 Maine companies hired 259 veterans of our armed forces. WGTECH hired two employees from this program to work in our Westbrook, Maine offices.


To learn more about this program, visit the Maine Career Center website.

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It’s Always Open Season for eMail Scammers

You have to give credit to email scammers – they are relentless in exploiting every opportunity. Some of their phishing emails are obvious scams, but others are cleverly worded enough to make you click the link and start entering valuable data. All it takes is one click to open a door into your company’s network. At WGTECH, we have two pieces of advice: when in doubt, call us; if you have already clicked, call us.

We work with our clients to deploy the most advanced security protections, including robust antivirus solutions. But email continues to be a weak link in […]