Workgroup Technology Partners (WGTECH) was founded in 1995 to fill Northern New England’s void for professionals experienced in selling, installing, integrating, and supporting advanced information technology. WGTECH’s founder and CEO, Jack Eaton, understood that Maine and Northern New England companies wanted to work with local providers as they built and grew their businesses.

Jack assembled a team of seasoned professionals who understood technology, and built relationships with every major computer hardware, software, and networking developer.

Today, WGTECH offers a complete lifecycle solution. From determining businesses’ technology needs, to finding the right solution, to doing what it takes to make it work, Workgroup brings IT together.

The company focuses on value, integrity, and success – WGTECH recommends technology when needed, but also knows how to help businesses maximize current investments. WGTECH stands by its solutions and implementations, and won’t walk away from a project until the customer is satisfied. Each WGTECH solution is focused not on technology for technology’s sake, but technology that will help your business achieve success.

Headquartered in Westbrook, Maine, WGTECH has seasoned technicians, database administrators, programmers, application developers, project managers, and salespeople on its team versed in virtually every programming language, on virtually every hardware platform, in every discipline, from network to software to hardware.

Meet Our Team

Jack Eaton
Jack EatonChief Executive Officer
Jack Eaton is CEO of Workgroup Technology Partners and is responsible for setting company direction and overseeing all customer relationships. Prior to founding the company, Jack worked for Sun Microsystems, selling computers and computer systems throughout the state of Maine. Previously, Jack held various positions at Data General, Prime Computer, and Tektronix.
Bill McKeen
Bill McKeenVP of Systems and Technology
Bill McKeen is a shareholder in Workgroup Technology Partners and as the VP of Systems & Technology, he heads the WGTech division of the company. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the practice, its technology stack, services offerings, as well as overall sales and technical operations. Bill believes that doing the right thing isn’t a choice, but an obligation. He has created a culture where employees truly listen to customers’ needs, and do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

With a very strong technical and analytical background, Bill has been helping customers solve difficult IT challenges at Workgroup since 1997.  He holds several advanced industry certifications from companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Netapp, and Oracle.  He has been the technical lead on many projects ranging from a multi-hundred site healthcare service provider network design and rollout, to IP-based contact centers, to single-server small-business solutions, and just about everything in between.

Prior to joining Workgroup, Bill worked for Maine Public Service Company, where he worked in conjunction with the Maine Office of GIS to provide the data necessary to roll out E911 services to Aroostook County. Previous to that, Bill was responsible for the support, maintenance, and management of the desktop and x86 server infrastructure at all Fleet Mortgage NNE sites from Maine to Rhode Island.  Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and has been a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) since 1989.

Bill lives in Lewiston Maine with his wife Angela, and two sons, Chase and Sean.  He enjoys spending his spare time hiking, fishing, scuba diving, and just relaxing at the lake.