IT Services to Support Your Business

Every day, new technologies come onto the market – which ones will help your business move ahead? At WGTECH, our seasoned team will work with you to determine your company’s information technology needs. We design, install, integrate, and support systems that meet your specific business objectives. We find pain points and implement the most effective solutions.

We support and consult on all of the technologies to support your business: networking, security, communications, data management, and systems. And we offer service and support that’s designed for your business – unlike other vendors that try to force you into cookie-cutter services, we work with you to customize a solution that supports your business and your budget.

Establish the right hardware infrastructure solution to improve performance and stay ahead of the competition. WGTECH can help you design, install, and support a powerful, flexible computing platform that supports your business goals and meets your budget. We ensure you have the computing power to drive corporate initiatives: reduce waste, improve efficiency, and save money.Learn More
Defend your company from network attacks. WGTECH helps you protect your critical and confidential business information from malicious or accidental intrusions, viruses, and hackers. Rely on our team to help you eliminate financial loss due to network outages, and to help you create enforceable corporate-wide security policies. Learn More
High-performance networks to support your services and applications. WGTECH designs, implements, and maintains networks that are tailored to the individual needs of your business. We don’t implement cookie-cutter solutions – we design a solution that supports your users, required services, and applications. Our team partners with best-of-breed providers to ensure we can deliver timely, proven technology to best fit your business needs.Learn More
Get maximum uptime with a stable and dependable technology environment. WGTECH provides a host of services that bring stability to your business. Maintenance and technology assist services enable you to circumvent potentially damaging outages, and disaster recovery and business continuity plans ensure your business is prepared for any situation. We help you evaluate your technology needs, so that you have the best solution for your business. We work with businesses of all sizes, and focus on your needs throughout the entire technology life cycle.Learn More
Control costs, increase productivity, and secure your environment with WGTECH’s Managed Services Program. Supporting your information technology infrastructure can be costly and unpredictable, and many businesses find themselves jumping from fire to fire. Our Managed Services program is a proactive solution that identifies issues with your network and IT assets before they become problems.Learn More
Manage and protect your data assets. Businesses continually create data in varied forms – WGTECH helps you develop appropriate policies for storage, sharing, protection, and retention along with the right infrastructure to support this vital asset. Our data management solutions help you maximize your storage investment, gain flexibility in provisioning and replication, monitor your assets, achieve non-disruptive growth, and count on reliable backups and archives. Learn More